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Nutrition has made its way out of the kitchen and health food stores and right into the forefront of breaking news stories. People around the world, Americans in particular, are realizing that the old adage "You are what you eat", may mean exactly that. Moving past the hotdogs, boxed macaroni & cheese dinners and fast foods, people are now aware that "something is missing" in their diets. Nutritionists now know that so many of the deadly diseases of generations past (beriberi, pellagra, rickets, scurvy) were nothing more than acute vitamin deficiencies (of thiamin, niacin, vitamin D and vitamin C, respectively). These are diseases that proper diets would have prevented. It is now widely known that we are not able to get everything we need simply by "eating right". Today's fast-paced life does not lend itself to the thoughtful planning of meals to ensure maximum nutrition.

While rethinking the way we eat and drink is becoming increasingly necessary in a society that revolves around fast food, there is an effective and reliable method to boost the nutrition we receive daily: nutritional supplementation. Unfortunately, this in itself presents a problem. Store shelves are flooded with an endless variety of supplements: single herbs, herbal combinations, individual vitamins, "complete" multivitamins, minerals, and ultra trace minerals. So, which are the best ones to take?

Form Counts!
Once a person wades through the maze of nutrients and herbs, they are confronted with another aspect of supplementation: what is the best form? Different products use different forms of apparently the same mineral. Calcium is a good example. There are many different forms: calcium chelate, calcium citrate, calcium lactate, calcium carbonate, etc. Which is the best? Calcium chelate, followed by calcium citrate, which are the only ones we use in our products. And which is the worst? Calcium carbonate, which, unfortunately, is the one most often used in supplements.

The Bio-Availability/Absorption Connection
How does an ordinary person understand the differences between supplements? Why is it important? It all boils down to the bio-availability of the nutrient(s), which means the absorption amounts actually available to be used in the biological processes in the body. In other words, how much of this supplement will be available for your body to use? Without going into a great deal of chemistry, understand that when the nutrients are processed, they are generally mixed with other elements or binders. Product labels may not reflect the combined nutrients. Few companies list the actual elemental amount of the minerals they are selling.

Why Chelates?
There is a consensus in the medical and nutrition communities that chelates are the most readily absorbed mineral form available. From 50-90% of the nutrient is available to a normal body for absorption. The chelation process involves combining single mineral atoms with amino acids, or proteins, or something else the body can easily recognize (and use) to help transport the mineral actually into the body. The chelates quickly fall away (from the actual mineral), thus allowing them to be easily absorbed with minimum effort. Each person's mineral needs change throughout the day based on food intake, environment, exercise level, etc. Making the minerals readily available in chelated forms is the most efficient, and best way to supply your body with what it actually requires.

Why Liquid or Capsules?
Nutrients incorporated into a liquid concentrate or loose powder capsule ensure maximum absorption. This is because the digestive tract does not have to put forth the effort to break down compressed tablets, or eat through "candy" coatings to get to the nutrients. Tablets are made by subjecting the ingredients to high-pressure compression, adding a binding agent and often a protective coating. Ingredients combined in this process undergo changes which may impair their strength or bio-availability. We have heard many stories from people taking a wide variety of both prescription medicines and nutritional supplements in tablet form that have passed completely through their systems with little or no absorption – some tablets with the coating and part of the writing STILL ON THE TABLET! This normally occurs in elderly or ill persons who have high pH levels in their stomachs, thus impairing their stomach's ability to dissolve tablets properly. Undissolved tablets cannot help you!

Cooperative Nutrition
In addition to nutrient form and absorption, another factor enters the equation. We'll call it "cooperative nutrition". Basically, what this means is that some nutrients require other nutrients to increase or even activate their utilization by the human body. For example, in our Mag-Cal Plus product, we added specific amounts of magnesium, boron, zinc, and manganese to tremendously increase the effectiveness of calcium included in that product. This combination of nutrients is more effective when taken together in the proper balance than when calcium is taken independently.

Not MLM or Network Marketing!
There may be a few good MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) or Network Marketing companies that really care about how their product affects and helps the customers actually using them. On the other hand, many of these companies are more are interested in making money and building a business. Think about it for a minute. If there are 6 to 10 levels of people making money (due to the nature of the multi-level business) from the product, then how cheap must they make the product so everyone can profit? If the focus is on helping people be healthier, live a better life, then the type of ingredients, amount, form, and quality becomes more important and expensive, which does not usually allow for multiple levels of profit by a wide variety of people. MD's Choice believes in offering the highest quality product it can for the least amount of money. Our products are scientifically designed to make a difference in most peoples lives by using bio-available ingredients and co-operative nutrition to maximize the amounts of nutrients your body will actually use.

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